Editorial Reviews for Monsters and Maidens: Amphora Pottery of the Art Nouveau Era

From: Amphora West Newsletter

This landmark survey of Amphora Pottery is arguably the most lavish and comprehensive tome on this amazing ceramic, fashioned in the Art Nouveau era, which Vreeland explores in detail with exceptional scholarship. Emile Gallé, Gustav Klimt, Siegfried Bing helped define what was "essentially a French movement" in the opinion of Vreeland, a longtime collector and renowned Amphora researcher. He nimbly traces Amphora's transitioning from Early Victorian forms to the Art Nouveau modern movement. The extraordinary objects shown in 375 plates (all in color) are among the finest Amphora creations ever made. Vreeland knowledgeably outlines the impact of the style on artists ranging from France to Austria, among them Alfred and Eduard Stellmacher, Paul Dachsel, Ernst Wahliss, Alphonse Mucha, and Agathon Leonard.

From: Library Perspective

This first exploration of Amphora pottery delves deeper into the art nouveau movement and is profusely illustrated with 375 photos and plates. Vreeland viewed many private collections when performing his research, and the text and illustrations cover everything from nascent pottery of Alfred Stellmacher to the modern creations of Paul Dachsel. The only known book on the subject.

From: Melvin F. Frankel, a reader, in Miami, Florida.

I have had the pleasure of reading your book several times. Each time I get more from it, and understand and appreciate what I have collected to date. Unfortunately, seeing the photographs of the best of the best has motivated me to go out and look for monsters and maidens to add to my collection.Were I the only person with your book, I might get lucky and find a piece or two. But as you know, there are others out there with the same ideas.

What you have done with your literary and photographic effort is broaden the interest in Amphora as a unique art form. As your book exemplifies the uniqueness of the
creativity of that era in Turn-Teplitz, it will also give rise to new collectors, increased demand and of course higher prices for the pieces that are available.

From: Maine Antique Digest

Errata. From the Author.

Pg. 68: Descriptions of the upper left and lower right pictures should be exchanged.
Pg. 83: Mold # 777 should be # 773. Mold # 773 should be # 776.
Pg. 104: “Below” should be “right”.
Pg. 116: Second paragraph. “Lower right” should be “center, below”.
Pg. 134: Descriptions of the upper left and lower right pictures should be exchanged.

All dimensions in the Inventory Section are in inches.


Its February, 2004, and we're back at the Santa Monica, Calif. Show. The book-signing is being featured once again, and all of the local collectors came by. Our guest of Honor this time is our friend Ron New. He is in the process of developing one of the top collections of Amphora, concentrating on major pieces. Good luck to Ron, and all of the rest of Amphoraland.

* * * * ********

December, 2003, Manhattan

The Triple Pier Show in New York was a great Success

John Cobabe and James Infante were selling Amphora robustly

Jeff Metzker drove five hours to pick up his copy of Monsters & Maidens

The book signing at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Pico and Main St. on October 24 and 25, 2003 was great. Attendance was slow due to stikes and other local conditions, but John Cobabe's booth was a beehive of activity.

Dan and Michele were the first to grab a book, after perusing the wonderful vases in the boothe.

Professor William Emboden stopped by, and, being the world'sleading authority on narcotic plants, he proceeded to burst our bubble by revealing that those innocent reclining Art Nouveau ladies were actually whacked out on Opium.++

This nice lady came by and was stopped dead in her tracks by the poster for "Monsters &Maidens". Her name was Mildred, and she seemed to be thinking " Gee, we're not in Michigan anymore."


Chicago, Ohare was a big success and we expect that the books will be gone by the end of this year. Come and get your signed book, or if you are on the East Coast, come to the Triple Pier Show in New York City on November 7.


What a day in Pasadena: John Cobabe and Byron Vreeland were on duty for the much publicized book-signing. Richard (Borderhead) Eubanks was first in line to receive his autographed copy of 'Monsters & Maidens'. He voiced the soon to be repeated phrase: " Its a long overdue book. But what a book!" The books were soon all gone, and Dr. Vreeland had to bring more the next day. Congratultions to all those who received their copy.

Editors note: "Borderhead" is Richard's nickname for his trademark colorful shirts!


Reader Reviews

A Visual Feast July 4, 2003
Reviewer: baadmoon from Santa Monica, CA USA

I just got this book, and never tire of looking at it. It is beautifully illustrated, handsomely printed, and full of objects so lovely one can almost feel them. I admit to a weakness for gorgeous Amphora pottery, but this effort by Byron Vreeland is in my top five.

Beautifully printed July 5, 2003
Reviewer: A Reader from Ohio

This book is beautifully done. As far as content goes, this book is lacking. A lot of unnecessary details that are really kind of boring.

RE: Beautifully printed July 6, 2003
Reviewer: NajVteP from Aspen, CO USA

I disagree totally with Reader from Ohio. I find the text fascinating. How else are you going to find out about this beautiful pottery?

Wants second book July 7, 2003
Reviewer: NivLam from Daytona Beach, FL USA

We would like to buy a second book . . . My reason for this is that the first book is going to be displayed as part of our Amphora collection. The book is so pretty that I do not want to damage it. At the same time, I want another book that I can open and read or just look at and not damage the beautiful pictures.

Wants second book July 8, 2003
Reviewer: Amphoraguy from Modesto, CA USA

ME TOO! What a great idea! Get TWO books, then you'll always have one that's not, like, you know, wrecked!

More interested in collecting now July 12, 2003

Reviewer: Kathryn in New Zealand

The book is wonderful. I think you have inspired my parents to stepup their collecting. Thanks!

Looking at the pictures July 13, 2003

Reviewer: Terry in Washington State

I can't stop looking at the pictures. How much fun I'm having! I promise that I'll start reading it soon.

My, Oh MY July 18, 2003

Reviewer: Carol in NY

Oh my, oh, my, what a beautiful book arrived today!!! I am in delicious heaven, and envy too. I am just thrilled to have the book. Thanks for sending it right out and thanks from all those who will enjoy it in the future.

My work now is reading the book July 18, 2003

Reviewer: Werner in Vienna

I have you book today. I am overwhelmed. I have never seen so much Amphora and Dachsel. My work now is reading the book.It will be difficult, you know, as it is not my language, but I will continue. Beautiful pictures, clearly arranged. Good descriptions and a perfect presentation.

Will use it as a reference book. July 21, 2003

Reviewer: Irene in Germany

Your book is arrived. We will use it as a reference book for our future sales. --Irene, Art und Antik, Saarbruecken, Saarland Germany.

Response to Irene. Thanks for continuing to find wonderful Amphora in Germany!

Amphora is finally receiving recognition. July 23, 2003

Reviewer: Jean, Scottsdale, AZ

Congratulations for authoring MONSTERS & MAIDENS-----!
It is an outstanding book, and the photography really
does justice to the photographed items. We are so
pleased Amphora pottery is finally receiving major
written work: Recognition it deserves & should have
received years ago.

This is now the best book in my library. July 23, 2003

Reviewer: Donna in Sherman Oaks, CA

Received your marvelous book. Each page makes my heart stop. I must say, I have taught Art History for 30 years and I have never seen a book to rival this masterpiece. --Donna Hermann, Professor Emeritus, California State College, Northridge.

An Honor to have vases in the book. July 25, 2003

Reviewer: Doug in Studio City, CA

Thank you for the book. It is one of the coolest gifts I have ever received. it is really an honor to have my vases appear in this terrific book.

Response to Doug:Thanks to you and all the collectors who contributed to this joint effort.

Compellingly informative, but a work of art as well.

July 31, 2003

Reviewer: Jim in Pacific Palisades, CA

It could be that my comments will be more valuable than those by experts inthe field. My background in the subject is zero, and yet it was with
fascination and delight that I read the book. The comprehensive coverage of the history of the area and the descriptions of amphora manufacture werefor me the highlights. This, combined with the exquisite photography ofdifficult forms, was enough to convince me that this book is not only
compellingly informative, but a work of art as well.

The Book is Beautiful. August 8, 2003

Reviewer: Dick in Visalia, CA

Thanks for the copy of the Amphora book. The finished product looks
great. You did a fine job of scanning and balancing the color. The
images are clear, crisp and very colorful.
Your desktop designer did a classy layout and picture placement was
right on.
Please keep in touch on the progress of sales and reception of the book.
Dick T.

Editor's Note: Dick Tristao is a noted designer that the author tried to engage for the book, but who unfortunately was engaged for the entire year.

Imagine! This beauty from a dental office. August 8, 2003

Reviewer: Joyce from Hollywood, CA

I got home last night and found your book waiting. It's beautiful! I
have perused all the photos and am anxious to read the text.
Thank you so much. I am so happy for you. Oh my god-- that you could put down all those needles and drills and produce such a thing of beauty.

In the Flesh. Sept. 14, 2003

Reviewer: Keith, from Ireland

Book received, with thanks. Its even better in the flesh!

Come in, Berlin ! March 24, 2003

Reviewer: M. Eicker, from Germany

Thank you verry much!!!!!!!!!!, the book is great and wounderfull!!!!!!
here a comment for your German and Austrian Fans:
Lange hat´s gedauert....., dann kam es aus Amerika : Amphora THE BOOK !!!!
Das Buch ist absolute Spitze, ein wirkliches MUSS für alle die Amphora mögen und sammeln. Ich bin euch unendlich dankbar für für die tollen Bilder, das fundierte Wissen und die unglaubliche Liebe die Ihr in das Buch investiert habt. Sollte ein zweiter Band folgen, egal wann, bitte gleich zusenden. Dann aber bitte mit Autogramm.
M. Eicker
Berlin, Deutschland




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